Did you know that Nevada is the second fastest growing state in USA? Did you that your home mortgage in Las Vegas could be less than half compared to Los Angeles, Chicago or New York? Did you know that major employers, like Amazon, Google, Zappos, and others are located in Las Vegas; and the residential and commercial real estate markets continue expanding? These are definitely great reasons to move to Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas and surrounding areas. My team and I look forward to assisting you with your relocation process and helping you to buy your new home or investment property!


– Cost of Living in Las Vegas

– Home Financing in Las Vegas

– 5 Pro’s and Con’s of Living in Las Vegas

– ½ of your Home Mortgage Payment in Las Vegas vs California

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If you are planning to move or invest in Las Vegas, this guide will be essential to find useful information about communities, schools, areas, hospitals, education, sports, free activities to do, and much more. Let’s begin without any further delay! For further information about living in Las Vegas, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Moving to any city brings definitely so much worries and uncertainty. You may know that the city that you select has jobs in your area, but you may not be knowledgeable about the best areas to live, the school system, the hidden spots to enjoy with your family and more. You want to have an honest source to get accurate details from and take an informed decision. I can absolutely help you since I moved to Las Vegas in 2002 and I know very well the whole process of relocating, selling, and buying properties. I have successfully assisted many families from different states and countries to move to their new city, Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder, and surrounding areas.  Our priority is to understand the requirements of our customers and satisfy their expectations. 

Please know that our job will not end when you buy your first home or rental property. We love the families that we serve and our community, and this is why we will be in constant contact with you, and keeping you informed about the trends of our residential market and opportunities to build more wealth.  We look forward to helping you achieve the Dream of Homeownership or Real Estate Investment in Las Vegas and please check our 10 Top Tips to Move to Las Vegas! 

  1. Compare the cost of living of Las Vegas versus the city where you live.
  2. Having a secure job in Las Vegas will definitely facilitate your housing options.
  3. Find the area where you want to live according to your style of life, e.g. great schools, entertainment, close to work, safety, appreciation of real estate, etc.
  4. Find local groups in social media that will support you when you move here.
  5. Find an honest real estate that provides trustworthy information to know the city and your possible housing alternatives. You may have to start renting before you own your home.
  6. “Las Vegas is party town” is a myth. There are so many great options to raise your family out of The Strip, such as Henderson, Spring Valley, Summerlin, Mountains Edge, Silverado Ranch, North Las Vegas, Southwest and Northwest Las Vegas.
  7. Check the crime rate per zip code before you choose your house.
  8. Research the school rating before you start checking homes.
  9. Visit Las Vegas and its neighborhoods two or three times before you contact an agent. Talk to the locals and ask for their recommendations. This way, you’ll have a real feeling of the community, the neighborhoods, and the weather. Las Vegas is a desert and you can have 110+ degrees in summer and 10- in winter.
  10. Ask me for your guide of the best parks, schools, hidden spots, restaurants; and entertainment options in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Summerlin today!