Buying your home is one of the most challenging decisions in your life because it’s ultimately the sanctuary where your family will grow and build long last memories. We understand how stressful this process could be and our mission is making this journey as enjoyable as possible by providing all information available regarding the physical conditions, fair market value of your home, market and neighborhood statistics, rules of the community, assistance programs towards your down payment and closing costs, and much more. We also know that you want to save money; this is why we’ll negotiate all favorable terms for you regarding repairs, seller’s concessions, any difference between appraisal value and purchase price, etc.  

The steps to buy your home are:

Define Your Goals

Why: Why do you want to buy your home? Why do you want to buy a town house and not a home?

What: What kind of home loan do you have? What’s your down payment and monthly mortgage?

Where: Where do you want to live? Where will the schools of your children be located?

Consider your Financing: Considering your financing is fundamental to buy your home. This includes your down payment amount and closing costs, extra reserves, and the maximum amount you are willing to pay for your monthly mortgage. Keep in mind that when you have a home loan your closing costs are approximately 3% of the purchase price. 

Get a loan pre-approval letter before you check houses: Contact one or more Loan Officers, find the actual interest rate, estimate of your closing costs, financing fees, and ask how you can buy interest rate points to save money in your monthly mortgage payment. If you do not have a lender, we’ll be glad to recommend reputable professionals in our area.

Contact your Realtor: There are many real estate professionals, nevertheless make sure to ask your friends and family members about for referrals. Otherwise, check reviews, social media presence, professional accreditation. It might be advisable to interview more than one Realtor to find the one that will have plenty expertise, knowledge of the market, and will negotiate the best terms of your home purchase. We’ll be delighted to represent your best interests.

House Hunting: Your Realtor will provide a list of homes that will fit your needs and wants. Some pictures and video tours posted in public websites might be misleading, but please do not give up. If you are not a local, ask your Realtor to do a live video and use technology on your favor, such as Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom to see all details that you are looking for. Be open to check new areas to find more options, and be perseverant to achieve the Dream of Homeownership.

Make an Offer and Negotiate: Once you find the home of your dreams, send a competitive offer. Be aware that sellers can send you one or several counter offers, and be prepared to wire your earnest money deposit to open escrow.  Pay for your home inspection and appraisal, and review your preliminary title report, homeowner’s association package and other documents. 

Secure your Home Loan: You’re almost there!! Please contact your Loan Officer often, send him/her all required documents on timely manner to avoid an extension of close of escrow. Please do not make purchases of home furniture, cars, and pay your credit cards on timely manner to keep your FICO score intact. Ask for your closing disclosure three days before you sign your loan documents. 

Closing: The time frame of a home purchase could be 30-45 depending on the type of financing. Be ready to do a walk through to check all the repairs and the current conditions of your future home. If the repairs have not been completed the property has been vandalized, we will extend the close of escrow in order to meet your expectations. You’ll receive your closing package to be reviewed 24 hours prior signing it. Either the Loan Officer or I will accompany you to your singing appointment to make sure that all the terms of the deed, title, mortgage documents, closing statements, insurance, and other information are accurate. Once that your home is recorded you’ll receive the keys!!

We look forward to serving you with the purchase of your future home or investment property in Las Vegas! Our accreditation of Certified Negotiation Specialist will allow you the get the best terms and our unique customer service will set you free of stress. Whether you are a local or live out the state, my Team and I will make sure that you’ll be informed about all details of the transaction. Ask about our live videos and remember that there’s no charge to represent homebuyers!!