Congratulations!! You have decided to build your home rather than buying a resale one. This new experience is so exciting because you’ll tailor it according to your needs and wants. Although the process might be different from one builder to another, please consider the following milestones: 

Site and Plan Preparation: Once you have a fully executed contract, the builder will start working on the site preparation and permits. 

Pre-Construction Orientation: This entails the site plan, selection and timeline worksheet.

Excavation & Foundation: The construction will start around 45 days after your fully executed contract. The foundation, footing and concrete walls, waterproofing barrier and backfill will take place.

Framing: Few days later, the framing, roofing installation, and window placement will commence. 

Mechanical Rough-In:  The installation of plumbing, HVAC, electricity will take place. At this point, you might be called for orientation meetings. 

Insulation, Drywall, Trim, and Cabinets: The exterior and interior work is in the process. Once the insulation stage finalizes, an energy audit will happen.

Finishes: This last construction stage entails installation of paint, carpet, light fixtures, wood, tile, and countertop surfaces.

Final walk through and orientation: During your builder walk through, you’ll learn about the functionality of your home. Be prepared to spend 2-3 hours and take plenty notes. 

Closing: Your Realtor will coordinate the signing appointment; provide a copy of recorded documents and deliver you the keys of your new home. 

Congratulations!! You are a new homeowner and you will build endless memories with your family!!


Building a home is different than buying a resale one. Some of the differences are: your due diligence period is shorter, you may have to work with the builder’s lender in order to get your closing costs paid, the delivery can be extended several days or even weeks, the builder will not postpone your orientation meetings, etc. Therefore, trust your Realtor to guide you through this process. Below you’ll find ten very important tips to consider when building your home:

  1. Your trusted Realtor has the knowledge and experience in helping you build your new home at NO extra cost. The sales person at the builder’s office represents the seller, and his/her job is to net the builder the highest amount of money for the sale. The job of your Realtor is to save YOU money negotiating a price reduction, more contributions from the seller, and others.
  2. Know the area where you want to live.
  3. Check the reviews of the builder.
  4. Ask for the homeowner’s association package in advance. This way you’ll know if the rules of your future community fit your style of life.
  5. Find out if there’s an additional homeowner’s association, master plan community and or special improvement district assessment/limited improvement district assessment fees.
  6. Ask about WIFI technology.
  7. Research about LivingSmart® technology, which includes health, energy, earth, water, and home smart certifications. They will save you money.
  8. Inquire about the most common upgrades that the buyers opt in the community. This will allow you to know additional charges to the purchase price.
  9. Request for the complete options pricing list before you place your offer.
  10. Be mindful that the builder’s model home is fully upgraded; therefore the basic model that you are willing to own may not have upgraded items, such as cabinetry, sinks, backsplash, quartz countertops, garage door, covered patio, balcony, flooring, etc.

BONUS: Although the house you are buying is brand new, it’s advisable to hire a licensed inspector to perform an inspection since there’s always a chance of defects. The builder will take care of any repair before you receive your keys.